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The Month of May: The Best Saltwater Fishing

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As the arrival of May heralds warmer weather and longer days, saltwater fishing enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the exceptional fishing opportunities that await them. May Madness brings forth a bountiful array of species in their prime, creating the perfect conditions for a thrilling and rewarding fishing experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the key targets of May fishing, including striped bass, Fluke, Bluefish, and Weak. We will also delve into the specific types of tsunami rods and reels, as well as artificial lures needed to maximize your chances of success.

Striped Bass: The Silver King of the Sea

When it comes to saltwater fishing, few species capture the imagination quite like the striped bass. Known for their strength, size, and acrobatic fights, these magnificent creatures provide an exhilarating challenge for anglers. May is an ideal time to target striped bass as they migrate along the coast in search of food and suitable spawning grounds. Look for them in estuaries, bays, and along rocky shorelines.

Tips for Catching Striped Bass in May:

  • Early mornings and late evenings are prime feeding times for striped bass, so plan your fishing trips accordingly.
  • Focus on areas with structure, such as rock piles, jetties, and bridge pilings, where striped bass often seek shelter and ambush prey.
  • Live bait, such as eels, bunker, or herring, is highly effective for targeting trophy-sized stripers.

When targeting the magnificent striped bass, a combination of the right rod, reel, and artificial lures is essential.

The Tsunami Airwave Elite Surf Rod paired with the Tsunami Salt X Spinning reel is an excellent choice. This rod provides a responsive tip and a powerful backbone, which allows for easy casting and reeling in of these magnificent fish.

Artificial lures can also be very effective for striped bass, with popular options including soft plastic baits, topwater plugs, and jigs. Soft plastic baits, like the Tsunami Holographic Swim Shad, can mimic the movement of baitfish, making them irresistible to striped bass. Topwater plugs, such as the Tsunami Talking Popper, create commotion on the surface of the water and can entice striped bass to strike. Jigs, like the Tsunami Ball Jig, can be used to mimic baitfish in the water column and can be especially effective when striped bass are feeding near the bottom.

Fluke: The Master of Ambush

If you’re looking for a delicious and challenging saltwater catch, Fluke, also known as summer flounder, should be high on your list. May marks the beginning of the Fluke season in many coastal areas, making it an excellent time to target these flatfish. Fluke are notorious for their ability to blend with the sandy ocean floor, patiently waiting for unsuspecting prey to swim by.

Tips for Catching Fluke in May:

  • Look for Fluke in shallow waters near sandy bottoms, especially around sandbars, channels, and drop-offs.
  • Use a combination of bait and jigs to entice Fluke. Popular choices include squid strips, spearing, and S&S Bucktail jigs.
  • When it comes to artificial lures, consider using Tsunami Holographic S&S Bucktail Jig heads with Gulp  these lifelike lures will attract the attention of hungry fluke and increase your chances of a successful catch.
  • Vary your retrieve speed and experiment with different colors to find what the Fluke are most responsive to.

Mastering Fluke FishingFluke, also known as summer flounder, present a delightful challenge for anglers. To successfully target fluke, a sensitive rod capable of detecting subtle bites and a reliable reel for reeling in these bottom-dwelling predators are necessary. The Tsunami Carbon Shield Jigging  Rod, paired with the Tsunami Evict Spinning Reel, is an excellent choice. This rod’s sensitivity allows you to feel even the faintest fluke bites, while the reel’s smooth drag system ensures a seamless fight.

Bluefish: The Aggressive Attacker

For adrenaline-pumping action, few fish can rival the ferociousness of the Bluefish. Known for their voracious appetites and powerful strikes, Bluefish provide anglers with an exciting challenge. May is an excellent time to target these aggressive predators as they migrate along the coast, hunting schools of baitfish.

Tips for Catching Bluefish in May:

Bluefish are often found in schools, so keep an eye out for diving seabirds and surface commotion, which are signs of

feeding activity.

  • Metal jigs, surface poppers, and cut bait are popular choices for targeting Bluefish. Their sharp teeth require the use of wire leaders to prevent bite-offs.
  • When selecting artificial lures for bluefish, opt for Tsunami Holographic Swim Baits or Tsunami Talkin’ Poppers. These lures mimic the movements of injured baitfish, enticing bluefish to strike with ferocity.
  • Bluefish respond well to fast and erratic retrieves, imitating the movements of fleeing baitfish.

Known for their aggression, razor-sharp teeth, and blistering runs, bluefish require robust gear to handle their relentless attacks. The Tsunami Airwave Elite Lite Spinning Rod, paired with the Tsunami Shield Spinning Reel, is a perfect match. This rod’s strength and durability enable you to handle the powerful runs of bluefish, while the reel’s robust construction ensures smooth operation even during intense battles.

Weak Fish

May is an excellent month for targeting weakfish. These prized game fish offer a thrilling angling experience with their powerful strikes and acrobatic fights. To maximize your chances of success,

Techniques for Targeting Weakfish

Now that you have the right gear and lures, let’s discuss some effective techniques for targeting weakfish in May:

  • Drifting with Soft Plastics: Drifting is an excellent technique for covering a larger area and locating schools of weakfish. Cast your soft plastic lure and jig head combination upcurrent, allow it to sink to the desired depth, and retrieve it slowly while drifting with the current. Vary your retrieval speed and impart occasional twitches to mimic the movements of wounded baitfish.
  • Working Structure: Weakfish often seek refuge near structure such as jetties, rock piles, and bridge pilings. Target these areas by casting your lure near the structure and working it slowly along the edges. Focus on areas where the current converges or forms eddies, as weakfish are known to gather in these locations.

Tsunami Rod: Carbon Shield 2 Spinning Rod

The Tsunami

Carbon Shield 2 Spinning Rod is an excellent choice for targeting weakfish. Its lightweight yet sturdy construction allows for accurate and effortless casting, while its sensitive tip enables you to detect the subtle bites of these elusive fish. Opt for a medium power rod with a fast action, such as the Carbon Shield 2 Spinning Rod 7’6″ Medium Fast Spinning Rod, to ensure optimal performance when targeting weakfish.

Tsunami Reel: Shield Spinning Reel

To complement your Carbon Shield 2 Spinning Rod pair it with the Tsunami Shield Spinning Reel. This reel offers a smooth drag system and a high line capacity, both of which are crucial when battling strong and spirited weakfish. Look for a reel size that matches the rod’s specifications, such as the Shield 3000 or 4000, to achieve a balanced setup.

Lures for Weakfish: Soft Plastics and Jig Heads

When it comes to lures, soft plastics and jig heads are highly effective for enticing weakfish. Opt for lures that closely resemble the baitfish and crustaceans that weakfish feed on. Here are two popular lure options:

  • Tsunami Pro Holographic Swim Shad: This soft plastic bait is designed to mimic the swimming action of baitfish, making it irresistible to weakfish. The holographic finish adds extra flash and attraction. Choose a size and color combination that matches the local baitfish species and water conditions.
  • Tsunami Glass Minnow Jig Head: Pair your soft plastics with Tsunami Glass Minnow Jig Heads for optimal presentation. These jig heads feature a realistic glass minnow design and a sharp hook for solid hooksets. Use jig head weights ranging from 1/8 to 3/8 ounces, depending on the depth and current of your fishing spot.


May Madness presents saltwater anglers with unparalleled fishing opportunities that should not be missed. Targeting species such as striped bass, Fluke, Bluefish, and Weakfish during this period can lead to unforgettable fishing adventures and bountiful catches. Practice Catch and Release: many anglers choose to practice catch and release to ensure the sustainability of the population . Enjoy the thrill of the fight and the satisfaction of a successful angling adventure!

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